Custom Work

Do you have a family heirloom you would like      incorporated into a piece of Judaica?  

Perhaps you have an idea for a ritual object you would like created incorporating some family jewelry, silverware, or something else that's meaningful to you.                                                                             Special commissions are welcomed!  

A preview selection of custom works 



Custom Work

"Our Time is Golden" Tzedakah Box

Asked by a customer to incorporate two antique engraved gold pocket watches and a yellow gold and star sapphire ring into a family keepsake, I created this Tzedakah Box, "Our TIME is Golden."   The sapphire ring is set at the top to resemble a crown, and each of the pieces is removable in case a family member would like to someday use them.  The Hebrew word, "Tzedakah", is hand pierced vertically on the left side, and the lid is removable to empty the donations. 


 Memories of Dad

 A father's military dog tag has been incorporated into this small keepsake box.  A little something to be treasured.


              For the Love of Israel Tzedakah Box

Commissioned by the Jewish Federation of NY, this Tzedakah Box was custom made for its recipient, Charles Bronfman.  A native of Montreal, now living in NY, and passionate about Israel, coins from each of those places have been incorporated onto the front of the box.  A map of Israel graces the box's center, with a slot cut in its middle; the symbolism being that when one places their donations in the box, their monies are going "directly into Israel".  The Hebrew word, "Tzedakah" is hand pierced below.


                       Starry Night Kiddush Cup

A personalized Kiddush Cup created for Josh who was born on the Winter Solstice ~ December 21st.  In the Northern Hemisphere it is the shortest day of the year in regard to the number of hours of sunlight, making it the longest day of darkness.  His Hebrew name, "Yeshua" is hand pierced from the high polished pewter, as well as the moon and stars ~ a reminder of the long, dark night of his birth.