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Miriam's Cup

In recent years, a new Jewish ritual object has been introduced to the Passover seder.  The Miriam’s Cup was created to honor Miriam, the sister of Moses and the only woman mentioned as a prophetess in the Old Testament.


As Miriam danced and played her timbrels, she summoned water from the living well that God created at the beginning of time, thus helping to sustain the Israelites as they wandered in the desert.


Her words of comfort and caring were also a source of nourishment for her people.  She gave them hope and strength when they were losing faith.


New rituals for use of the Miriam’s Cup are continually being created.  One tradition is to partially fill the Miriam’s Cup with pure spring water, and to do the same with each participant’s glass.  If you are in need of healing, pour some of the water from the Miriam’s Cup into yours.  If you have healing to give, pour some water from your glass into Miriam’s.


Pewter Miriam's cup

Pewter Miriam’s Cup
9” H

Pewter and Blue Agate



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handblown glass Miriam's cup

Handblown Glass Miriam’s Cup

8” H
Handblown Glass and Pewter


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No matter what the rituals observed with this new ceremonial object, we remember Miriam and all of our women ancestors who have been a source of inspiration and wisdom.

In addition to use during Passover, the Miriam’s Cup has also been incorporated into Shabbat and Havdalah ceremonies.


Perfect to give a Bat Mitzvah, a presentation gift, or to a special woman in your life!





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